Juels is a seasoned beauty professional whose journey into the world of beautification began in the 1970s. As a child involved in Dance and Theatrical productions backstage, Juels found her passion in creating imaginative hairstyles, makeup, and costumes. This early experience fueled her creativity and set the stage for a lifelong career in the beauty industry.

After spending years immersed in Halloween costumes and assisting friends and family with makeup and wigs, Juels realized that a hair design and makeup artistry career was her true calling. Despite exploring music and dance for over 20 years, she felt something was missing. Pursuing fulfillment, she navigated through her college years working in the service industry at department stores, restaurants, and even as a flight attendant, gaining valuable experiences.

In 1990, Juels took a decisive step toward her passion by enrolling in the Gene Juarez beauty academy. After graduating and successfully passing her licensing exam, she continued her education at the Gene Juarez Advanced Training Center program, specializing in chemical services. Still, she needed to expand her skills further, leading her to become a multi-faceted stylist offering a wide range of services, including designer haircuts, special occasion up-do styling, and makeup artistry.

Juels has a unique talent for paying attention to detail, particularly in hair color transformations, blonding, reds, grey blending, fashion colors, perms, and texture treatments. Beyond her technical expertise, she takes pride in “holding space” for her clients, creating a relaxing and confidential environment where personal stories can be shared and support can be offered. Scalp and shoulder massages are integral to her service experience, recognizing the power of presence and touch as an honor and privilege.

In addition to her work behind the chair, Juels has had the opportunity to contribute to editorial fashion shows, showcasing her hair, makeup, costume design, and choreography skills. Outside the salon, she dedicates her time to raising two dynamic teens and enjoys moments of relaxation at home with her two kitties. Whether gardening, walking in nature, or contributing her musical talents to bands and recording projects in the Greater Seattle area, Juels embodies the belief that creativity is life.