With the use of Aveda’s 94 – 99% Naturally derived color lines, we are able to recreate a wide range of full spectrum colors to help not only enhance features but add texture and movement to you hair. With patented green tea and red tea rooibos for long lasting results and fade resistant shine, you’ll not only love your color, you’ll live in it.


Hairline Color: $40-$90+
Color: $50-$130+
Gloss Treatment with Color $30+
Gloss Treatment $$45-$90+
Highlight Foils: $55-$250+
Balayage: $55-$275+
Double Process: $125-$275+

Color Correction: Booked after consultation. $175-$375 for the first 2 hours, and $75-$150 per hour until service is completed. (May also be extra product charges accrued during service that will increase the estimated price)

Prices can be affected according to density, length of hair and level of stylist.
Services will be charged separate in conjunction with other services.


Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily, we have the expertise and the products to help add or take away texture and frizz. We are proud to carry Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatments to help control unruly curls and tame them into frizz free styles.

We recommend a consultation for all Permanent waves and Brazilian Blowout texture services to better accommodate your personal needs.
Brazilian Blowout: $220-$375+
Permanent Wave: Starting at $150+
Spiral Permanent Wave: starting at $250+

ReDo Policy:

If we are unable to satisfy your particular needs on your first visit, please contact us at Salonivorybookings@gmail.com within 72 hours after the completion of your service to receive a full complimentary redo of the same service that was previously given.

Service Fee

A $6 service fee will be added to every ticket for the partnership with Greencirclesalons.ca.

Visit Greencirclesalons.ca for more information and to find out what your $6 contribution makes possible!