Salon Ivory, nestled in the heart of Mill Creek, WA, offers a luxurious array of services and retail products to pamper and rejuvenate its clientele. Step into a haven of beauty where sophistication meets tranquility.

As an Aveda Concept Salon, Salon Ivory is committed to holistic wellness. It utilizes natural, eco-friendly Aveda products that invigorate the senses and promote inner harmony. From hair care to skincare, clients can indulge in the finest BOB hair products, renowned for their quality and innovation. Every strand receives the utmost care and attention. Elevate your makeup routine with Jane Iredale’s exquisite line of cosmetics, crafted with pure minerals, to effortlessly enhance natural beauty. For those seeking vibrant, personalized hair color experiences, Color Space provides a spectrum of possibilities tailored to individual preferences and styles.

At Salon Ivory, every visit is an opportunity to luxuriate in top-tier services and curated retail offerings, leaving clients feeling refreshed, radiant, and utterly pampered.

Our Brands

Aveda products epitomize the essence of nature’s bounty, seamlessly blending botanical ingredients with cutting-edge science to create a harmonious fusion of beauty and wellness. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Aveda harnesses the power of pure plant essences to deliver unparalleled results, nurturing hair and skin with gentle yet effective formulations. Each product is infused with the aromatic symphony of essential oils, awakening the senses and transporting users on a sensory journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. With Aveda, beauty is not just skin deep—it’s a holistic experience that celebrates the natural world and enhances inner harmony.

BOB products redefine luxury in hair care, offering a meticulously crafted collection designed to elevate your beauty routine to new heights. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, BOB infuses each product with the finest ingredients and the latest advancements in hair technology, ensuring unparalleled performance and results. Every BOB product is a testament to quality and sophistication, from nourishing shampoos and conditioners to styling essentials. Indulge in the sensory delight of rich textures and captivating fragrances as you pamper your hair with the utmost care and attention. With BOB, every day celebrates luxurious hair that exudes confidence and allure.

Color Space products epitomize creativity and innovation in hair coloring, offering diverse options to express your unique style. With a focus on personalized experiences, Color Space harnesses the latest advancements in hair color technology to deliver stunning results tailored to individual preferences. Whether looking for vibrant hues, subtle highlights, or daring transformations, Color Space provides a spectrum of possibilities to unleash creativity and enhance natural beauty. Each product is meticulously formulated to deliver long-lasting, radiant color while nourishing and protecting your hair. Elevate your hair coloring experience with Color Space and discover endless opportunities to express yourself with confidence and flair.

Jane Iredale products epitomize beauty with a purpose, offering a transformative range of cosmetics that enhance natural radiance while nourishing the skin. Crafted with the highest quality minerals and botanical extracts, each product is meticulously formulated to provide flawless coverage and long-lasting wear without compromising skincare benefits. From foundation to lipstick, Jane Iredale’s collection is designed to celebrate individuality and empower users to express their unique beauty confidently. With a commitment to clean beauty and cruelty-free practices, Jane Iredale products are good for the skin and the planet. Elevate your makeup routine with Jane Iredale and experience the perfect blend of luxury, performance, and skincare.