Josh is a dedicated and passionate hairstylist with a flair for creativity and a commitment to bringing out the best in every strand. “With a love for understanding the intricacies of hair, I have cultivated my skills to become a competitive avant-garde and editorial hairstylist.”

“My journey in the world of hairstyling has been an exhilarating ride, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. I thrive on pushing my boundaries, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow within the dynamic realm of hair artistry. Whether it’s experimenting with cutting-edge styles or mastering classic techniques, I am dedicated to the craft.”

His entrance into the beauty industry was fueled by a deep passion for artificial hair and wigs, a fascination he’s been honing for over seven years. This specialization allows him to bring a unique perspective to hairstyling, blending creativity with technical expertise.

Outside the salon, Joshua leads an active life, engaging in workouts to stay energized and focused. He also channels his creativity into avant-garde hair designs and projects, a testament to his unwavering commitment to artistic expression.

“Your hair’s health is just as important to me as its appearance.” With a focus on making your hair beautiful and healthy, Joshua strives to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Let’s embark on a transformation journey together, where each salon visit becomes an opportunity to unleash your hair’s full potential.